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Where can I view your frames?

Contact us and we will refer you to framers stocking our products. Alternatively, if you’re in Auckland, we invite you to visit our Onehunga showroom.

How can I buy your frames?

By visiting your local framer who can order a sample for you.

Do you offer a framing service?

We are a wholesale frame supplier only. We can refer you to your local framer for a framing service.

Where can I see the prices of your frames?

As a wholesaler our prices are only available to our custom framing customers. Talk to your local framer for a quote.

What is a moulding?

A moulding is an industry term for a long length of a picture frame. Our mouldings are 2.4m – 3.0m long and can be cut to size.

Are your mouldings or frames made from timber?

All our mouldings are made from timber. We believe timber mouldings are easy to work with and provide the best outcome.

Where do your products come from?

Our products are manufactured all around the world.

I’m an interior designer. Am I able to borrow samples to show a client?

Yes. We have 150mm chevron samples for purchase at $10.00 per sample. The cost is credited on their return.

Do you have any mouldings finished with real gold?

Our premium range of Bellini Fine Mouldings from Italy, have several profiles hand finished in gold leaf. We also offer a range of alternative specialty finishes including painted, stained, foiled and gold leafed, as well as a combination of paint and timber.

I am opening a framing shop. How do I apply for a trade account?

By completing the customer application form on our website. Or we can complete the application over the phone with you.

Do you sell machinery that I will need to picture frame?

We sell everything needed to cut, join and assemble frames. You will need to be a customer to access this service.

Do you offer a service to help set up our sample wall if we are a new framer?

Yes, we have product specialists to help you maximise the space you have available and set you up with a curated range of handpicked corner samples.

How do I get a login in to the trade area?

You will need to complete an application form to be approved as a trade customer.

Do you accept credit card payment through your website??

Yes, we do, if you are an approved trade customer without an approved credit account.

Can you chop the mouldings down for me to the correct size for the job?

Yes we can, although if you do not have an account with us we will refer you to your local framer.

What if we don’t see the exact moulding we want on your website, are there others we can select from?

If you can’t find what you want, we will try our best to find it or something similar through our suppliers.

How should I contact you?

Call us on (09) 6347060 or email us on and we will get back to you as soon as we can.