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About Our Products


MUSEUM - 100% cotton, solid colour throughout.

To protect art, photography, and valuable documents with the highest protection available

RAGMAT - 100% cotton core and backing papers.

Crescent RagMat is made with 100% cotton fibres that are naturally acid free. An archival quality board to protect valuable artworks and documents alike

CONSERVATION - Highly refined alpha-cellulose boards

Recommend for all conservation applications. White alpha cellulose core that is free of acid and lignin. Fade and bleed resistant surface papers.

WHITECORE - Stay-white core

Recommend for decorative framing and general presentations / posters and decorative art

PRODUCTION - Stay-white core. Range of neutral colours for volume framing

Recommend for decorative framing and general presentations / Posters and decorative art

BLACKCORE – Acid-free, lignin-free with Blackcore

The core is black which adds a rich, dramatic touch to framing presentations

SOLID CORE - Solid colour throughout the face paper, core and backing

Recommend for all conservation applications. White alpha cellulose core that is free of acid and lignin.

MOUNTBOARD – Museum-grade, 100% cotton

Ideal for hinging artworks onto, made from 100% cotton fibres that are naturally acid free.


FOAMCORE – Standard and Self Adhesive

NUCORE – Our most popular Foamboard

Nucore quality foamboard offers reliable results with rigidity and smooth surfaces. Available in white and black, 3mm and 5mm thickness.

Nucore Self-adhesive features an ultra-dense core with a strong rigid mounting surface. The laminated backing provides a barrier against water vapour and pollutants. Perfect for mounting down posters and photographs.

ENCORE – 100% Cotton Rag Foam

Features Conservation quality 100% cotton foamboard buffered with calcium carbonate. The whitest of all foamboards. Also available in a Premium Self-Adhesive. Amazingly light weight. Easy-to-cut "Memory" core Brilliant white paper liners Ultra smooth surfaces. Double clay coated for exceptional rigidity.

ENCORE HEAT ACTIVATED - Heat Press application

Heat-activated Foamboard is pre-coated on one side with specially formulated, heat-activated adhesive. SingleStep® speeds up the mounting process by eliminating the time-consuming measuring, cutting, and tacking of dry mounting tissue. Lower heat and pressure activate the specially formulated adhesive for risk-free bonding.

TRUCORE – Economy Foamboard

Recommended for everyday framing. Can be used use in Dry or Cold Mounting. Easy to cut, die cuttable and bendable by scoring.

CRESCENT PERFECT MOUNT – Acid-free adhesive Foamboard

Easy to use, no need for sprays or wet pastes. Perfect Mount products are self-adhesive mounting boards and film that allow for easy positioning and repositioning until a permanent bond is activated by applying firm pressure. Ideal for mounting posters, inexpensive prints, photographs, and art. Acid-free adhesive, the board & foam are with buffered, pH neutral surfaces.



Formakote D Board - Superior backing board

A popular choice for all framing applications. Smooth surface with exceptional rigidity. Full double coated surface, 100% recyclable. White on both sides.

WGB 2000 - Double lined Economy board

White on both side Solid Board PH approx. 7.00. Moisture resistant an affordable option for the backs of your framing jobs. Available by the sheet or conveniently available in packs cut to size. A1, A2, A3, A4, A5.



Tru Vue Conservation Clear - 99% protection against UV

Tru Vue Conservation Clear Glass protects artwork from up to 99% of UV light rays reducing fading and preserving artwork for years longer than regular glass. Over time, indoor and outdoor ultraviolet rays take a toll on artwork and cause fading. Paper can become faded, discoloured, and brittle, causing irreversible damage that ruins the artwork.

Tru Vue Ultravue UV70 – Water white glass, virtually invisible!

Tru Vue Ultra Vue provides an almost invisible finish for an exceptional, reflection free viewing experience. It’s like there is no glazing in the frame, the finer details of the artwork are easier to see and the colours are more vibrant.

Ultravue features a unique anti-reflective surface for truly amazing clarity and filters up to 70% of UV rays. Recommended for custom framing items that are not sensitive to UV damage or items that will be displayed in controlled light environment to limit UV exposure.

Glass is available as Auckland Only Collect.